Dental Implant Teeth in an Hour

Deer Park Immediate Dental Implant

Teeth in an Hour, Teeth in a Day:

There are many advertisements on the radio, newspaper and television that promote “teeth in an hour”, also called an immediate implant. One must be very careful as to not believe the marketing and hype of this procedure. There are criteria that Dr. Nugent will evaluate to see if you are a candidate for a “teeth in an hour” procedure.

Dr. Nugent’s Father broke a front tooth that could not be saved. Dr. Nugent and his Oral Surgeon preformed an immediate implant. Dr. Nugent is not opposed to immediate implants, but will only recommend them when the patient has the required criteria. Dr. Nugent believes that the aggressive marketing of “teeth in an hour” is a marketing scheme and that when the patient goes in for evaluation they A) Get the immediate implant even if the conditions for success are not advantageous (the dentist is hoping for success) B) the patient is “sold” on a regular implant (bait and switch, the marketing of teeth in an hour gets the patient in the office. But the patient is told they need a standard dental implant)

Once again, Dr. Nugent is not opposed to “teeth in an hour” (immediate dental implants). He just wants patients to realize that if you hear dental marketing that sounds too good to be true that you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Nugent.  Dr. Nugent will explain traditional dental implants and immediate loading implants and tell you what will work best for you. Dr. Nugent wants the best long term results for you.

Pasadena Texas Immediate Dental Implant