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Dr. Nugent loves to create healthy, beautiful smiles with dental implants. Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are the most advanced method to replace missing teeth. Bridges and dentures are old fashioned and have many drawbacks. Because dental implants are designed to mimic natural teeth, dental implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth. A major advantage of dental implants is that they preserve and protect bone levels and adjacent teeth.


La Porte Texas Dental Implant DentistDental implants are comprised of three parts.


1. The implant is a titanium cylinder that is inserted into the jaw bone.

2. The abutment connects to the implant and protrudes out of the gum tissue.

3. The porcelain crown goes over the abutment and replicates the shape of a tooth.

First, the titanium implant screw is inserted into the jaw bone. There it osteointegrates (fuses to bone) . Next, the abutment inserts into the implant and sticks out from the gum tissue. Lastly, the porcelain crown is cemented onto the abutment for a natural and cosmetic appearance.


Who can benefit from dental implants?

Patients who want to replace one or more missing teeth.

Patients that want the most advanced and cosmetic way to replace teeth.

Patients who do not want to damage teeth.

Patients who want the longest lasting tooth replacement option.

Patients who do not want dentures.

Patients that want a secure and stable denture.

Dental implants have become the standard of care for patients missing one, several, or all of their teeth. Furthermore, if you are about to lose all your teeth due to periodontal disease then dental implants are the ideal dental solution. Dental implants are designed to replicate a natural tooth. Therefore, dental implants look and perform just like natural teeth. Dental Implants are anchored in the bone and do not come out. The placement and restoration of dental implants does not damage healthy, adjacent teeth. With dental implants you avoid bulky plastic on the roof of the mouth, and the need for messy denture adhesives. Dental implants offer the longest-lasting and most advanced tooth replacement options available.

Deer Park Texas Dental Implant Dentist


La Porte Texas Dental ImplantsThe rise in dental implants is the result of many factors:

1. Long-term success of dental implant

2. Dental implants are conservative

3.  Poor long term success of bridges

4. Anatomical and Cosmetic consequences of missing teeth

5. Patient’s dislike of removing partial dentures

6. Aging population is living longer

7. Chance for tooth loss is related to age

8. Amazing benefits of dental implant dentures over old fashioned dentures

Dental Implants for your family.